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Retail Liquor Permits

The second auction to allocate additional retail liquor store permits concluded on Jan. 31.

The auctions included 12 communities where interest in a retail store permit had been previously been expressed. The successful bidders were:

Community Proponent Amount
 RM of Blucher 102096554 Saskatchewan Corp.  $71,000
 Carlyle Southern Plains Co-operative Ltd.  $376,000
 RM of Corman Park Des Nedhe Retail Enterprises Inc.  $380,000
 Esterhazy Grizzly Gold Breweries Canada Ltd.  $301,900
 Gull Lake Michael's Convenience Store Ltd.  $127,100
 RM of Kindersley Redline Enterprises Inc.  $254,000
 Langham Don & Jeannette Block  $150,500
 RM of Longlaketon 102096554 Saskatchewan Corp.  $37,000
 Regina Beach Regina Beach Liquor Store Corp.  $247,000
 RM of Shellbrook Lake Country Cooperative Association Ltd.  $72,000
 Unity Leader Liquor Group  $135,600
 White City Deferred to next auction1   -

 1Highest and second highest bidder withdrew.

The winning bidders will still need to proceed through the regular licensing process before a permit is issued.

Since the initial announcement, interest has been expressed in 28 communities/RMs. These permits will be distributed over auctions to be held in early 2020 until all of the communities where interest has been expressed are auctioned. In cases where there is more than one permit available in a community/RM, the auction will determine the applicant for one permit only. Future auctions will be held for additional available permits.

Additional liquor store permits will be allocated when someone expresses interest in a community where there is an available retail store permit. To find out if a community/RM has an available retail liquor permit, please send your name, phone number, email address and community to

Information about future auctions will be made public in a number of ways – including a provincial news release to all media outlets, ads in community newspapers, information on, notification to those who have expressed interest in a permit and notification to community officials.

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