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Retail Liquor Permits FAQ

What communities have retail liquor permits available?
The availability of additional liquor retail permits depends on the population of a community and the number of existing permits. If a permit is available and interest in that permit is expressed the opportunity will be advertised and an online auction process will determine who receives the permit. 

What is the population criteria?
Communities must have a population base of at least 500 in order to be eligible for a retail liquor store (if one is already operating, however, another permit will not be allocated). A breakdown of the permits available by population is included in the News Release & Backgrounder.

What if communities with a population less than 500 already have one or more retail liquor stores. Will they continue to operate?
Yes. The minimum population of 500 only applies to the allocation of any future retail liquor store permits.

I’m interested in obtaining a permit. How can I proceed?
The first step is finding out if there is an available permit in the community you are interested in. To do so, individuals or businesses can contact SLGA by email. Please specify the community you are inquiring about.

What happens next?
SLGA will provide information about whether a permit is available. If one is available, the opportunity will be advertised and an online auction will be held to determine the recipient of the permit. The first step, however, is determining if a permit is available in the community.

How will the auction work?
The auction will be conducted online by an independent third party and be open for 10 calendar days. Auctions will initially be held on a quarterly basis if interest in a permit occurs.

If I’m successful in the auction, do I automatically receive a permit? 
No. The successful bidder must also meet the requirements of obtaining a commercial liquor permit. This includes completing the formal application paperwork, passing good character check, advertising, etc.) before they receive the permit and can begin operating.

When are the additional permits available?
The new policy is effective now. If interest is expressed in a permit we expect the first auction will be held later this year.

I still have questions. Where can I get more information?
You can email SLGA.