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Charitable Gaming

Having a raffle or hosting a Texas Hold'em poker night? Here you'll find help for all of your charitable gaming needs in Saskatchewan.

  • General Information and Eligibility

    For more information about why charitable gaming is regulated, whether you qualify for a gaming licence, and other FAQs, look here.
  • Raffles

    Learn about the types of raffles that can be licensed, and get information about advertising, selling tickets, making your draws, and licence Terms and Conditions.
  • Bingos

    Running a bingo event or operating a bingo hall? Look here for all your bingo licensing and reporting needs, to add dates to an existing licence, and licence Terms and Conditions.
  • Breakopen Tickets

    Find information about breakopen tickets and licence Terms and Conditions.
  • Monte Carlo Events

    Planning your next Monte Carlo event? Learn everything you need to know here, plus licence Terms and Conditions.
  • Texas Hold'em Poker

    Thinking of holding a poker tournament? Find rules, a sample betting structure, and Terms and Conditions.
  • Charitable Gaming Grants

    SLGA pays a grant equal to 25% of net proceeds on every charitable gaming licence. Find out more information about financial reporting and the charitable gaming grant.