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Important Announcements

Upgrades have been made to the retailer’s online ordering website to better enable product sales. The changes include:

Product ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrivals) – if an item out of stock, an ETA will outline the date SLGA is expecting the product to arrive at the distribution centre. This date will be updated as things change with the product arrival. Retailers now have insight into when your stocked-out product will be available.  For example:


Clearance Items – a new ‘Clearance’ section includes items that are deeply discounted, and is primarily made up of delisted items to help clear them from the distribution centre.


Catalogue refreshes – Until now, the online catalogue was updated once daily at midnight.  The catalogue will now be updated every 6 hours so that as inventory situations change, or ETAs are updated, retailers have improved insight to the availability of your product.


Online Special orders website update – this site was recently launched to all retailers and provides the ability for retailers to reorder products previously ordered via Special Orders.  Products are added to the SO website after it has been Special Ordered by a retailer, and may drive re-orders on your product.