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Change Permit or Licence

Amending an Existing Special Occasion Permit

Once a Special Occasion Permit has been issued, a request is required to change any detail of the permit. Requests should be made to SLGA Head Office via email or telephone (1-800-667-7565). Depending on the change requested, the permit may be amended immediately, or further review may be required.

Amending an Existing Charitable Gaming Licence

You may be able to make changes to an existing licence by completing an addendum request application form and sending it to SLGA with the applicable fee. Changes must not be implemented until SLGA provides confirmation that the change has been approved. 

Not all changes can be approved. If the requested change will alter the structure of the lottery after a player has purchased a chance to win, it will not be approved.

Some examples of changes that may be considered for approval include:

  • adding or cancelling bingo events
  • changing the location where a raffle draw is to be made.
  • adding a new breakopen ticket sale location

Changes that would not be considered for approval include:

  • adding a second bingo location to a licence
  • changing the prizes being awarded in a raffle after ticket sales or advertising have already started.
  • changing the price per raffle ticket after ticket sales or advertising have already started.

Please remember that these lists are not complete, nor are you guaranteed that your requested change will be approved because it is listed above.