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Annual Reports

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority operates on an April 1 to March 31 fiscal year. Recent annual reports:

SLGA Annual Report 2019

SLGA Annual Report 2018 

SLGA Annual Report 2017

SLGA Annual Report 2016 

SLGA Annual Report 2015

SLGA's Strategic Plan

The Government's vision for the province is "to be the best place in Canada - to live, to work, to start a business, to get an education, to raise a family and to build a life." In support of this long-term vision, the Government's direction is to spend wisely, supporting economic growth, and ensuring services are sustainable

The Government's vision and goals provide the framework for SLGA's Plan. The annual plan outlines key activities SLGA will undertake in the upcoming year to meet the needs of Saskatchewan's citizens. SLGA will report on progress made toward this Plan in its annual report. 


Strategic Plan 2019-20 

Strategic Plan 2018-19

Strategic Plan 2017-18

Strategic Plan 2016-17

Strategic Plan 2015-16