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Cannabis Reporting

All participants in the SLGA-regulated recreational cannabis market in Saskatchewan are required to submit monthly reports detailing the movement of cannabis into and through SLGA-regulated businesses.

Cannabis retail and wholesale permittees must submit their reports by the conclusion of the fifth business day after the end of the month. Registered suppliers must submit their reports by the 15th of the following month. All reports must be .csv files and must satisfy all formatting requirements.

After being received by SLGA, reports will be processed each night at 3:00 AM through SLGA’s automated reporting system. If any errors are detected in the submission, an automated Error Log email will be sent to the email address used to submit the report. The Error Log email will be sent to permittees to identify the problem that caused the report to be rejected. Once the errors have been corrected the updated version of the report can be re-submitted for processing. No notifications are provided when a report is successfully submitted error free.

Questions about monthly cannabis reporting can be sent to:

Cannabis Reporting FAQs

The FAQ document is a quick reference to assist and correct permittees with the process to submit reports.

Saskatchewan Reporting Format

The .csv document serves as a template for permittees to start from when entering their data into an acceptable format for SLGA’s automated system. Refer to the Cannabis Reporting FAQs to obtain more detailed formatting information.

Sample Nil Report

The .csv document serves as a template for permittees who have no data to report following the end of the monthly submission time frame. When using this file as the basis for a nil report it will only be necessary to amend the Site ID and Timestamp columns.