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Looking for specific information about a liquor permit, gaming licence or other liquor/gaming topic?

Take a look at the top 10 questions we get from visitors to (listed below). Don’t see your question? You can view more FAQs by clicking here.

Where can I find a list of cannabis retailers?

Where can I learn more about cannabis in Saskatchewan? (PDF)

Where can I get a special occasion permit?

Who can I contact for more information about special occasion permits?

I am opening a business and would like to serve alcohol. How do I get a permit?

How can I become a liquor retailer?

How do I apply for a charitable gaming licence?

How can I find out about 50-50 raffles or Chase the Ace?

Who can I contact for more information about charitable gaming licences?

I'm returning to Saskatchewan from abroad. How much alcohol can I bring back?

How can I find out about employment opportunities with SLGA?

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