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For Liquor Retailers (Retail Store Permittees)

There are approximately 700 liquor retailers in Saskatchewan that sell alcohol for off-premise consumption. These retailers are known as Retail Store Permittees (RSPs). RSPs include large standalone operations in larger centres, smaller businesses integrated within an unrelated business in rural communities and others that operate in conjunction with a liquor-permitted restaurant, hotel beverage room, brew pub, etc. (Previously these retailers were referred to as rural franchises, off-sale outlets, private stores and SLGA stores).

The majority of retailers in Saskatchewan are privately owned and operated. Government currently operates 35 of the 700 retailers (SLGA liquor stores).

Becoming a liquor retailer

Liquor retail permits may be available in certain communities depending on local population and the number of existing retailers. If a permit is available in a community and interest is expressed, the opportunity will be advertised and an online auction will be held with the highest bidder receiving the permit. The successful bidder will need to meet all requirements associated with obtaining a retail liquor store permit. For more information click here.

Placing an order

Retail store permittees (RSPs) in Saskatchewan (previously referred to as rural franchises, off-sale outlets, private stores and SLGA stores) can purchase alcohol at wholesale prices for products ordered through SLGA’s Distribution Centre or from private beer distributors.

The Product Ordering Guide includes detailed information for RSPs interested in placing orders through SLGA’s Distribution Centre or private beer distributors.

Questions? Retail Store Permittees can contact their account rep directly or email