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Wholesale/Licensed Producer Information

SLGA is accepting applications for wholesale cannabis permits as well as licensed producer registrations.

Permitted wholesalers can sell to permitted retailers and other permitted wholesalers but not to the general public. Wholesale operations must be physically located within Saskatchewan and product can only be sold and distributed within Saskatchewan. 

SLGA is also accepting registrations for LPs. Only LPs registered with SLGA will be allowed to sell into the Saskatchewan market. LPs cannot sell to the general public. Registered LPs can ship directly from the existing warehouse facilities to a Saskatchewan permitted wholesaler or retailer.

For more information about becoming a cannabis wholesaler or registering with SLGA as a LP view the Guide posted below. 

Existing wholesale cannabis permittees must complete the renewal application found below to renew their existing permit. The renewal application should be submitted to SLGA at least 60 days in advance of permit expiration.

The relevant application forms are also posted below.