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For Liquor Suppliers

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In this section:

  1. Listing Call-Outs
  2. Wholesale Listing Applications
  3. Wholesale Manuals and Policy
  4. Portals and Tools
  5. Purchasing Schedule

Listing Call-Outs

An email is sent announcing each new call-out posted. If you did not receive this email but would like to receive future announcements, please email to update your contact information.

New: Rose Call-Out Added January 6, 2020

New: Spirits Call-Out Added January 6, 2020

December: Liqueurs Call-Out Added December 2, 2019

Schedule of Listing Dates 

Wholesale Listing Applications

Wholesale Listing Application Form
Apply for Core, Special Order, gift packs and Allocation listings.

Wholesale Listing Application Guidelines
Help and guidance for completing the above Application form

Wholesale Manuals and Policies

Wholesale Policies and Supplier Manual Updated: May 27, 2019
Details about listing, delisting and product management.

Beverage Alcohol Quality Assurance Policy
The QA policy applying to agents/suppliers, retailers, and commercial permittees. 

Wholesale Pricing Structure and Policy Manual
Details covering all elements of wholesale pricing, as well as wholesale price promotions.

SLGA Purchasing Packaging and Transportation Standards
Processes and standards related to the logistics of getting product to Saskatchewan.

Portals and Tools

Agent/Supplier Portal login:

eBill login: 
View your account balance, payments and invoices online. eBill is available to suppliers and permittees purchasing product and services from SLGA.  

LION loginLiquor Information Online Network
Includes: wholesale information for agents/suppliers, including sales and inventory reports; and SLGA retail information, including SLGA Retail Supplier Manual and the Retail LTO application form.

Purchasing Schedule

The following tables are intended to give a sense for SLGA ordering frequency, so customers and Suppliers are aware of time-frames for when products may be ordered and received.

International Order Points

Country Order Frequency ETA from Order Date Last Order Date
Argentina Every 6-8 weeks 3 months 14-Aug-19
Australia Monthly 3 months 16-Aug-19
Chile Every 6-8 weeks 3 months 14-Aug-19
France Every 6-8 weeks 2 months 28-Aug-19
Ireland Every 6-8 weeks 3 months 21-Aug-19
Italy Every 6-8 weeks 2 months 21-Aug-19
Netherlands Every 6-8 weeks 3 months 23-Aug-19
South Africa Every 6-8 weeks 4 months 28-Aug-19
Spain Every 2-3 months 3 months 11-July-19
United Kingdom Every 6-8 weeks 3 months 27-Aug-19


US Order Points

Source Point Order Frequency ETA from Order Date Last Order Date
Batavia, NY Every Two Months 5 weeks 12-June-19
Bolingbrook, IL Monthly 5 weeks 27-Aug-19
California Monthly 5 weeks 29-Aug-19
Canandaigua, NY Monthly 5 weeks 06-May-19
Clermont, KY Monthly 5 weeks 13-Aug-19
Fort Smith, AR Every Two Months 5 weeks 27-Aug-19
Frankfort/Lawrenceburg, KY Monthly 5 weeks 16-Aug-19
Louisville, KY Monthly 5 weeks 22-Aug-19
Lawrenceburg, IN Monthly  5 weeks 22-Aug-19
Minneapolis, MN Monthly 5 weeks 3-Sep-19
Westfield, NY Every 3-4 Months 5 weeks 09-July-19
Weston, MO Every Six Months 5 weeks 02-Apr-19


Domestic Points

Source Point Order Frequency ETA from Order Date
Calgary, AB Weekly 7 days
Kelowna, BC Weekly 21 days
Lethbridge, AB Every Three Months 3 days
Montreal, QC Weekly 10 days
Oliver, BC Weekly 7 days
St Albert, AB Weekly 10 days
Toronto, ON Weekly 10 days
Vancouver, BC - Domestic Weekly 7 days
Vancouver, BC - Imports Weekly 21 days
Walkerville, ON Weekly 10 days
Winnipeg, MB Weekly 7 days

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