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Questions & Answers for Liquor Permittees (during COVID-19 pandemic)

(Information updated April 14, 2021)

Restaurant/tavern Permittees

What are the latest restrictions related to permitted establishments?
Effective 12:01 am on Sunday March 28, all restaurants and licensed establishments must close for in-person dining. Take-out and delivery is permitted. As well, event venues including banquet and community halls, conference facilities, arts venues, museums, libraries, live theatre, cinemas, arcades, bowling and science centres, or any non-essential indoor locations that had limits of 30 individuals are not permitted to operate at this time. 

This public health order amendment and recommendations applies to the city of Regina and area including: Belle Plaine, Pense, Grand Coulee, Lumsden Beach, Regina Beach, Craven, Lumsden, Edenwold, Pilot Butte, White City, Balgonie, Kronau, Davin, Gray, Riceton, RM of Lajord, RM of Edenwold, RM of Sherwood, RM of Pense and the RM of Lumsden.

What are the restrictions outside of Regina and area?
Existing public health orders continue to be in effect for all areas of Saskatchewan outside of the Regina area. This includes a Public Health Order effective Nov. 27 that limits all restaurants and licensed establishments (bars, taverns, nightclubs) to seat four at a single table. If there are impermeable barriers between the tables, tables must be placed two metres apart. If there are no impermeable barriers between tables, there must be a three metre distance between all tables. Restaurants and licensed establishments must maintain guest/reservation information on all patrons.

Restaurants and licensed establishments (bars, taverns, nightclubs) must stop serving alcohol (on-table service) by 10 p.m. and consumption must end by 11 p.m. There are no exceptions for private events or outdoor serving spaces.

Additional guidance can be found under the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan by clicking here.

Alcohol Takeout & Delivery:

Can bars and restaurants still sell alcohol with takeout/delivery orders?
Yes, at this time restaurants and bars can continue to provide take out/delivery service of alcohol and food products. (Alcohol can only be sold in closed, factory sealed containers).

What products can restaurants/bar sell for takeout/delivery? Can they advertise this service?
Restaurants/bars can sell sealed cans and/or bottles of any beer, spirits or wine (same as buying products at a liquor store) and can advertise this service.

Does this only apply to bars/restaurants who provide their own delivery service?
Delivery can be made by an employee of the bar/restaurant or by a business with a home delivery liquor permit. The person doing the delivery must be 19 years or older. For additional information see the Commercial Permittee Bulletin on Home Delivery

Are there any other restrictions relating to alcohol delivery?
Deliveries can only be made to private residences and can only be made between 9:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. In addition, to maintain social distancing, customers are not required to sign for the delivery but permittees are required to maintain records to document deliveries.

Do bars/restaurants have to track alcohol ‘take out’ services differently than my usual alcohol sales?
Yes, take-out sales for beverage alcohol needs to be kept separate from on-site consumption and needs to be recorded on the Liquor Consumption Tax Return in Box A. Tax Collected on Sales for Off-Site Consumption. Please refer to the Information Bulletin LCT-1, found at If you require additional information about the Liquor Consumption Tax, please contact the Ministry of Finance toll free 1-800-667-6102 or

Where can I find more information relating to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan?
More information can be found here.

Retail Store Permittees

Can Saskatchewan’s 650+ retail liquor store permittees (RSPs) offer home delivery of alcohol to customers?
Yes, on a temporary basis RSPs can now offer liquor home delivery to customers.

Do RSPs need to apply for a permit to offer home delivery of alcohol?
No. This change is now in effect and will apply during the COVID-19 pandemic period only.

Do retailers need to provide delivery themselves or can they contract out the service?
Delivery can be made by an employee of the retailer or by a business with a home delivery liquor permit. The person doing the delivery must be 19 years or older.

Who can I contact for more information?
Please email: