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Questions & Answers for Liquor Permittees (during COVID-19 pandemic)

(Information updated March 27, 2020)


All Saskatchewan bars and restaurants are now closed for on-table service and can only offer takeout/delivery to customers. Can these businesses sell alcohol with takeout/delivery orders?

Restaurants and bars can provide take out/delivery service of alcohol and food products, provided they maintain a two metre distance between the employee and the customer who is picking up/receiving the order. (Alcohol can only be sold in closed, sealed containers).


What products can restaurants/bar sell for takeout/delivery?

Restaurants/bars can sell sealed cans and/or bottles of any beer, spirits or wine (same as buying products at a liquor store).


What prices can restaurants/bar charge for takeout/delivery of beverage alcohol?

Restaurants /bars selling alcohol for off-site consumption can determine their own prices, subject to minimum social reference pricing guidelines. Information about social reference pricing is available on


Do restaurants/taverns have to apply to SLGA for a permit to offer delivery service?

No. If you have an existing restaurant or tavern permit, you can offer takeout/delivery service of alcohol and food products.


Can restaurants/bars advertise that they offer this new ‘off-sale’ service?



Does this only apply to bars/restaurants who provide their own delivery service?

Delivery can be made by an employee of the bar/restaurant or by a business with a home delivery liquor permit. The person doing the delivery must be 19 years or older.  Delivery cannot be contracted out to a business that does not hold a home alcohol delivery permit.  Bars/restaurants are advised to confirm that the delivery company holds a home alcohol delivery permit issued by SLGA.  


Are there any other restrictions relating to alcohol delivery?

Alcohol can only be delivered to someone 19 years or older and who is not intoxicated, exactly as must be done for on-table service.  Deliveries can only be made to private residences and can only be made between 9:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. In addition, to maintain social distancing, customers are not required to sign for the delivery but permittees are required to maintain records to document deliveries.


Are restaurants/bars eligible to order through SLGA’s Distribution Centre at wholesale pricing?

Restaurants/bars are not eligible for wholesale pricing. Products must be purchased from any Saskatchewan liquor retailer or craft alcohol manufacturer.  


Is the restaurant/bar ‘off-sale’ change just effective for the pandemic period?  

Yes. This change is now in effect and will apply during the COVID-19 pandemic period. As you can appreciate, information relating to COVID-19 continues to change rapidly. Any further changes that may occur will be communicated to permittees.


Do bars/restaurants have to track alcohol ‘take out’ services differently than my usual alcohol sales?

Yes, take-out sales for beverage alcohol needs to be kept separate from on-site consumption and needs to be recorded on the Liquor Consumption Tax Return in Box A. Tax Collected on Sales for Off-Site Consumption. Please refer to the Information Bulletin LCT-1, found at If you require additional information about the Liquor Consumption Tax, please contact the Ministry of Finance toll free 1-800-667-6102 or