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Liquor Regulatory Changes

Saskatchewan’s liquor permitted restaurants and retail liquor stores now have additional ways to serve their customers as a result of recent regulatory changes.

Effective Nov. 15, 2021 restaurants have the ability to enhance their takeout/delivery options for customers by offering the sale of alcohol with food orders.

As well, retail store permittees and restaurants have the ability to provide home delivery services without having to obtain a separate home delivery permit from SLGA.

Restaurant and retail store permittees will receive information related to the changes directly from SLGA.

News Release: Saskatchewan To Expand Alcohol Delivery Services For Restaurants

Commercial Permittee Bulletin - 01 - Home Delivery

Commercial Permittee Bulletin - 02 - Restaurant Sealed Beverage Alcohol for off-site Consumption

Commercial Permittee Bulletin - 03 - Restaurant and Retail Store Delivery

Commercial Permittee Bulletin - 04 - Home Delivery Special Use Permit