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Liquor Store Permit Auctions

Ten SLGA Retail Inc. permits are being sold via online auction. The online auctions begin May 29 and end June 7.  The permits are for the permits only – no buildings, fixtures or other assets are included in the sale.

Information regarding the auctions including communities where permits are available, how to register as a bidder, details about bid payments, opening timelines and other relevant information.

Sale of items from SLGA Retail Inc. liquor stores
Shelving, racks and many other items from SLGA Retail Inc. have been sold via

Sale of SLGA Buildings
Retail store buildings owned by SLGA will be made available for sale through Government’s asset disposal process and commercial realtors.

Commercial Liquor Permittee Policy Manual
Information pertaining to the operation of liquor permitted establishments in Saskatchewan. Chapter 2 pertains to the permit application process and Chapter 8 provides further details about operating a retail liquor store.

Purchase Agreement
The Purchase Agreement outlines the terms associated with the purchase of a permit from SLGA Retail Inc. The Purchase Agreement only applies if you are the successful bidder in an auction.

Other Permits
Unallocated permits for municipalities that qualify for an additional permit under the population matrix prescribed in The Alcohol Control Regulations, 2016. Auctions for these permits were suspended during the pandemic but will resume after the current SLGA Retail Inc. auction process concludes.