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Charitable Gaming Grants

Charitable Gaming Grant Program

All charitable or religious organizations licensed by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) or Indigenous Gaming Regulators (IGR) under section 207(1)(b) of the Criminal Code to conduct gaming (bingo, breakopen, raffles, Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments, and Monte Carlo Events) are eligible to receive a grant.

Infographic - Key points to ensure your group or organization receives a charitable gaming grant

  • The charitable gaming grant is equal to 25% of the net proceeds earned by an organization at its charitable gaming events. The charitable gaming grant may not exceed $100,000.00 annually, per licence and per charity.
  • Organizations that receive a charitable gaming licence do not have to apply for the grant. Organizations are automatically eligible to receive a grant by qualifying for a charitable gaming licence, conducting the charitable gaming event, and submitting the financial reports as required by the Terms and Conditions of the charitable gaming licence.
  • If the net proceeds of the event(s) conducted under the charitable gaming Licence equals or exceeds $100,000, SLGA will require the Licensee to provide an independent audit opinion on the accuracy of the financial reports (in particular the revenue and expenses) being submitted to SLGA prior to paying out the grant.
  • Licensees which may not be in good standing may have their grant proceeds withheld until such time that the concerns or issues have been satisfactorily addressed.
  • Grant revenue is not to be deposited into the lottery bank account as this revenue is not considered gaming revenue. It is expected that grant proceeds will be utilized for the charity’s worthwhile purposes.

More information on the Charitable Gaming Grant Program can be obtained from Section 15 of the Licensing and Charitable Gaming Policy and Procedure Manual.

FAQs - Charitable Gaming Grants:

What is the charitable gaming grant program?

The government provides charitable groups and organizations a grant equal to 25 per cent of the net revenues they raise from charitable gaming activities to a maximum of $100,000 annually.

Who is eligible for charitable gaming grants?

All charitable or religious groups/organizations licensed by SLGA under section 207(1)(b) of the Criminal Code to conduct bingo, breakopen ticket sales, raffles or IGR, Texas Hold ‘em poker and Monte Carlo (mock casino) events are eligible to receive the grant provided they are in good standing with SLGA.

How do you apply for the grant?

Charitable groups and organizations do not have to apply for the grants. Information for the grants will be obtained from their charitable gaming licence.

When are the grant payments issued?

Grants are issued upon receipt and processing of the charitable gaming financial report.

How can I get more information about these grants?

For more information, call (306)787-5563.