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Cannabis Retail Store Permitting

Saskatchewan has an open market system for cannabis retailing. Interested individuals and businesses seeking a cannabis permit for all communities in the province can access application forms for retail cannabis permits from SLGA’s website.

Please note that the municipality or First Nation must approve the establishment of a retail store in the community before SLGA will issue a permit. Although SLGA will not be limiting the number of permits available, we strongly encourage potential applicants to check with the appropriate municipality or First Nation early in the process regarding any local limitations or restrictions.

Permitted cannabis retail stores must operate a brick-and-mortar store, and can also sell cannabis online for pick-up and delivery in Saskatchewan. Retailers may also sell cannabis at wholesale to other permitted retailers located in the province.

In communities of 2,500 or more, cannabis retail stores must operate as standalone businesses. In communities under 2,500, stores may be standalone or integrated with another business. You can find more information about requirements for standalone and integrated cannabis retail stores, along with general permitting and operating information, in the Cannabis Regulatory Policy Manual.

If you are interested in applying for a cannabis retail permit, please download the application form posted below and email a separate, completed application form for each desired location to You may attach more than one application to a single email, but each email may not exceed 25 mb in size. Once an application is received, SLGA will contact you to obtain the permit application fee, and we will also provide you with a unique identifier number associated with that application. See the application form for more information about the documentation required to complete an application. For clarity, Sections Three, Six, and Seven of the application form must be completed for each separate application. Section Four is required only for individuals who have not undergone SLGA’s due diligence process within the past three years or who have had substantive changes to their circumstances. Section Five (including any financial statements not previously submitted) is required for all corporate applicants and 10%+ shareholders, regardless of whether the corporation has previously undergone SLGA’s due diligence process. Only one copy of Section Four or Five is required per individual or corporation, regardless of how many applications are being submitted.

Existing retail cannabis permittees must complete the renewal application found below to renew their existing permit. The renewal application should be submitted to SLGA at least 60 days in advance of permit expiration.

SLGA is responsible for regulating the distribution and sale of recreational cannabis only in Saskatchewan. For information about Canada’s medical cannabis program, please visit Health Canada’s Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes page.