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Working at SLGA


Our team consists of employees with diverse skills and educational backgrounds.  We offer both full-time and part-time opportunities in a variety of areas including:  business support, operational, technical, professional, supervisory, and management areas.

Examples of some of our jobs include: programmer analysts, service desk analysts, accounting clerks, financial analysts, auditors, liquor inspectors, gaming investigators, licensing specialists, communications specialists, retail liquor store managers, retail customer service representatives, warehouse/materials handlers, human resources consultants, strategic planning analysts, senior policy analysts, administrative support, and more.

If you are applying for a position in one of Saskatchewan’s liquor stores, please note: current opportunities in liquor stores are for part-time employment only, unless otherwise stated. There is no guarantee of hours.


SLGA has adopted a competency framework that takes an integrated approach to human resource management by being part of all human resource (HR) functions including: recruitment and selection, career planning, workforce analysis, performance management, succession planning, leadership development and learning/training.

Competencies are defined as the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are essential to being an effective and successful performer in a given job.  In support of SLGA’s vision, mission, values and strategic priorities, SLGA has identified both core and leadership competencies that support the success of our employees and the future of SLGA:

Core Competencies - accountability, communication, customer service orientation, adaptability and teamwork

Leadership Competencies (for those positions that manage others): leading change, leading and developing others and strategic operational planning.

A Representative SLGA

SLGA focuses on building and maintaining a workplace that is representative of the communities in which we provide services. A representative team is one where Aboriginal people, visible minorities, persons with a disability and women are employed at all levels in all classifications throughout the organization, according to the working age population. Our goals are to:

  • Positively impact employee workplace satisfaction and retention

  • Provide our customers with a high level of service

  • Expand our community engagement

  • Build our ability to innovate and problem-solve

  • Fully support and foster workplace excellence and our value of a one team approach

Representative Workforce Committee

SLGA will achieve this representative team through continued support and cooperation from our executive team, our union and our employees.  Corporately, we have a Representative Workforce Committee that is comprised of both management and union members who are committed to achieving our goals.  As well, SLGA has continued its relationship with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission as an employment equity sponsor.