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Obtaining VLTs

What you should know before applying for video lottery terminals (VLTs):

Eligible Sites - To apply for VLTs, sites must have applied for a tavern or restaurant (with a lounge endorsement) liquor permit with a minimum 30 seat capacity (390 square feet of useable floor space) in the age-restricted area.

Site Commission - Sites receive 18 per cent of net sales, which is cash into the VLT less cashout tickets.

Float - A cash float of $1000/VLT is recommended in order to pay cashout tickets at the players' request. Cash float requirements may vary and need to be adjusted based on experience.

Minors – Persons under 19 years of age are prohibited from accessing or viewing the play of VLTs, this includes both inside and outside of the site.   If the liquor permit has a Daily or Sunday Family dining endorsement, VLT access to minors must be restricted.

Automated Banking Machine (ABM) Placement - The placement of an ABM in a site with VLTs must be approved by SLGA.  The overall objective of this policy is to have the ABM in the most socially responsible location available to the site.

Advertising - Standardized 'VLTs HERE' signs can be ordered at cost to be affixed to the building or placed in a window.  No other advertising is allowed.

# of VLTs - New sites receive three VLTs, as they become available.

Communication Requirements 

a. All VLTs must be connected to a Site Controller within the site.  It is the site’s responsibility and cost to install the required communication cable.

b. The Site Controller must be connected to the central operating system (typically through a dedicated telecommunication line).   The activation of an existing line and the monthly charges are covered by SLGA.  However, SLGA does not pay for the installation of a new line.  Once your application has been reviewed, the connectivity at your site will be investigated.  If installation of a new line or a cellular solution is required, a quote will be provided to you.  If you are unwilling to pay the installation cost, or if no connection to the central system can be established, your application will be declined.

Electrical - It is the site’s responsibility and cost to install the required electrical circuits.  One will be required to power the site controller and additional circuits are required to power every four VLTs.   A representative will assist you in identifying where these outlets will need to be located once your application has been approved (110 volt 15 amp, dual outlet receptacle, no other equipment plugged into or grounded to these circuits).

Security Cameras – One or more cameras will be installed above the VLTs at your site.  The recording is not a live feed, but rather will be stored at the site and downloaded by WCLC as required.

Foot Print - The approximate size of the VLT, on a base, is 30" wide, 27" deep and 6' 3" high.  For the installation of 3 VLTs 9 feet of wall space is required.  In addition a site controller and printer will need to be available for staff use.  (Site controller: 16"w x 13"h x 3"d; Printer: 5"w x 5"h x 7"d)

VLT Training –VLT training on basic maintenance, cleaning, care, operation and accounting will be provided at the time of installation.  In addition, it is mandatory that at least one owner or site manager receive certification in the Responsible Gaming for VLT Site Operators online course.

VLT Bank Account - Sites will be required to provide WCLC bank account information and authorization to withdraw the Government’s share of the VLT funds. 

Deposits & NSFs – Sites are required to remit the Government’s portion of VLT sales, on a weekly basis, through the VLT bank account.   Late deposits result in escalating NSF fees and eventual contract termination.  Lost or stolen cash is the responsibility of the site.  It is imperative that business procedures are established to ensure the security and timely deposit of funds.

Download Application

Note: To fill out and submit this application successfully, please save this application locally to your device and open using Adobe Reader.