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Saskatchewan To Allow Third Party Liquor Warehouses To Help Meet Growing Demand For Specialty Products

Changes are being made to allow third parties to operate liquor warehouses in Saskatchewan to distribute specialty products.  Amendments to The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997 were introduced today in the Legislature.

“We already use Saskatchewan-based third party warehouses to distribute beer and coolers to retailers but have been sourcing many specialty products from warehouses outside the province,” Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming (SLGA) Minister Gene Makowsky said.  “This change will allow such warehouses to set up in Saskatchewan to distribute a broad range of specialty beer, wine and spirits.”

Specialty products account for approximately five per cent of the province’s liquor sales and include products typically ordered in small quantities and often on an irregular basis.

Currently, SLGA orders these products from out-of-province warehouses, receives them and then ships them out to retailers around Saskatchewan via SLGA’s Distribution Centre.

Allowing such warehouses to operate here will allow SLGA to focus on maintaining the efficient distribution of popular, high volume wines and spirits.  All applicable markup will continue to be collected by SLGA, no matter who distributes the product.

“It’s a positive change for businesses who want to operate in Saskatchewan,” Makowsky said.  “And it will also mean improved access to these niche products for retailers and their customers.”


For more information, contact:

David Morris
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Phone: 306-787-1721
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