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Importing Alcohol From Outside the Province

Direct Shipping From British Columbia

In order to receive a direct shipment from BC, Saskatchewan residents must complete and submit a Direct to Consumer Importation Authorization request to SLGA. Products direct shipped from BC to Saskatchewan are subject to a flat rate levy of $5.25 per 750 ml bottle and $9 per 750 ml bottle of craft spirits.

Anyone receiving or delivering products through a direct shipment must be 19 years of age or older.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this mean I can have alcohol products shipped to my home from anywhere?

The authorization allows for BC produced wine and craft spirits to be shipped directly to Saskatchewan residents.

Do I need a permit?

Saskatchewan residents interested in importing wine and craft spirits directly from British Columbia are required to obtain a Direct to Consumer Importation Authorization prior to their first order. There is no fee associated with the authorization and processing time is expected to be within one business day. The authorization is valid for one year.

Where do I get the authorization request form?

The authorization request form is available online by clicking here.

How much product can I order?

Customers can import up to nine litres of wine and up to three litres of craft spirits per shipment. This is consistent with the amount an individual can bring in ‘on their person’ from another province.

Who can order?

The change only applies to wine or craft spirits purchased for personal consumption and does not apply to alcohol being resold. Commercial permittees, and liquor retailers cannot directly import products for resale. 

What type of permit do shipping companies require?

Carriers that ship products will need a permit to ship wine and craft spirits from BC. Shipping companies looking for more information can email: or call 306-787-5225.