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General Information and FAQs

General Information

The majority of Saskatchewan’s 1,900 permittees abide by SLGA’s legislative, regulatory and policy guidelines related to the sale and consumption of beverage alcohol. Permittees that violate the requirements may be subject to SLGA sanctions.

 In determining the appropriate sanction, SLGA uses a progressive system of disciplinary action and considers several factors. Those factors include the compliance history of the permittee, the nature of the violation and the particular facts surrounding the violation.

 All permittees have the right to request a review of SLGA’s sanctioning decisions by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, an independent body, within 15 days of receiving notice of the sanction.

 Recent sanctions against commercial permittees can be viewed here. The information provided only includes sanctions issued by SLGA. Local police services may proceed with a separate sanction process through the court system. (Sanctions are posted according to SLGA's Administrative Penalty Publishing Policy).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I disagree with a decision made by SLGA?

Any licensing party who disagrees with an SLGA decision has the right to apply to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission (SLGLC) for an appeal. The SLGLC is an independent, quasi-judicial body which reviews SLGA decisions with respect to licensing, registration, cancellation, and suspension issues.

Can I continue to operate my business while I am serving a liquor permit suspension?

If your business is primarily focused on the sale and service of liquor (e.g. a tavern, a lounge attached to a restaurant, an off-sale), you cannot have customers in the premises while the liquor permit for that area is suspended.  Other types of operations (e.g. restaurant dining area, sports facility) can continue to operate during a suspension as long as liquor is not made available for sale or consumption.  VLTs cannot be played during a liquor permit suspension.