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Saskatchewan Alcohol Manufacturing Policy Manual

A manufacturer may produce more than one type of alcohol (e.g. beer, wine, spirits, cider and refreshments) upon authorization from SLGA to produce each type of alcohol. A manufacturer must adhere to the specific production level requirements for each type in order to remain classified as a craft manufacturer.

Standalone Policies

Craft alcohol producers who wish to engage in custom, contract and collaboration manufacturing arrangements, are required to follow the policies listed below:

All Non-Permittee Contractors who are engaging in Contract Manufacturing with a Saskatchewan Craft Alcohol Producer, as specified by the Contract Manufacturing Policy above, are required to complete the Annual Production Declaration listed below:

Picnic Area Authorization for Craft Producers

Craft producers located on rural/farm property have the option to apply for a picnic area, per the terms in this (trial) policy:

Product Recalls

SK Craft manufacturers are required to abide by SLGA's Product Recall Policy as outlined in this document:

Quality Assurance

All craft manufacturers who distribute their products directly to retailers and commercial properties are subject to the Craft Alcohol Quality Assurance Policy:

Record Keeping

Alcohol manufacturers are required to abide by the Record Keeping Policy:


Craft manufacturers are required to abide by the Traceability Policy: