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Manufacturing Liquor

Manufacturer Application Guidelines

Manufacturer permit applications can be applied for online. SLGA suggests that you provide the following information about your proposed business, either in advance or with the application, so that we can help ensure you obtain the type of permit that meets your business needs:

  • The type and projected volume of products you want to produce
  • Information about your proposed location, including zoning status if known
  • Information about the equipment that you would use to conduct your manufacturing process
  • Advertising and sales plan
  • If you plan to apply for listing with SLGA, information about your target market, bottle sizes, and pricing strategy (note that a manufacturer’s permit does not guarantee that your product will be listed by SLGA)

SLGA also suggests that you contact the following agencies about your interest in manufacturing alcohol to ensure proper compliance with pertinent legislation and regulations:

  • Canada Revenue Agency, Customs and Excise Branch
  • Canada Revenue Agency, Taxation Branch
  • Health and Welfare Canada, Health Protection Branch
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Production standards, packaging and labelling of consumer products)
  • Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (bottle and case labelling to meet bar code regulations)
  • Ministry of Environment (industrial waste disposal)
  • Your local building and health safety authorities (usually the municipality and the health region)