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Breakopen Tickets

Breakopen Ticket Types

Breakopen Ticket

Breakopen tickets are commonly referred to as pull-tabs or Nevada tickets. They are a gaming piece used in a game of chance that is completely made of paper or paper products which conceal numbers or symbols that must be exposed by the player by tearing off a covering in order to determine wins or losses. Prizes must be defined as per the game structure, and may be Instant Prizes or Secondary Prizes. Includes both Bingo Event Tickets and Seal Cards.

Bingo Event Ticket

Means a Breakopen Ticket which contains a prize in which the winner is determined by matching a bingo ball symbol or symbols on a Breakopen Ticket with a specified number or numbers drawn during the course of a licensed bingo game. Bingo Event Tickets are considered breakopens and not bingo paper.

Seal Card

Means a Breakopen Ticket posted at the licensed location that is used to determine the winner of a Secondary Prize by opening a window to reveal a symbol that matches a ticket held by a player.

Breakopen Event

Means a period of time, at a location indicated on the Licence, in which Breakopen Tickets are offered for sale to the public.

Note: Applicants that have been approved for a breakopen ticket licence will be directed to contact one of the gaming suppliers that are registered with SLGA.

View all Terms and Conditions for Breakopen Tickets.

For licences issued prior to October 1, 2019 please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Breakopen Tickets (2010).

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