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Monte Carlo Events

Monte Carlo Events and Rules

Monte Carlo Event

Means an event at which games approved by SLGA are played, without the use of legal tender, for the opportunity to acquire merchandise prizes.

See Section 10.5 of the Licensing and Charitable Gaming Policy and Procedure Manual for the “Operational Policies for Monte Carlo Charity Events".

Monte Carlo Application
Use this form to apply for a Monte Carlo Charity Event licence if you are a charitable or religious organization running no more than 1 charity event per week.
Submit your financial report.

Event Rules

  1. Entrance to the event may be paid by cash, cheque, debit, credit or electronic transfer.
  2. The Monte Carlo Charity Event shall consist only of blackjack table games and/or wheel of fortune games, unless otherwise approved by SLGA. The licensee must obtain approval to offer additional games and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Poker games will not be allowed.
  3. No person who is acting as a blackjack dealer or a wheel of fortune operator shall place a bet at the same Monte Carlo Charity Event at which he/she is acting in such a capacity.
  4. No person under the age of 19 years shall play at a Monte Carlo Charity Event.
  5. All bets are wagered using either play money and/or chips that have been approved by SLGA for use at the Monte Carlo Charity Event.
  6. At no time shall play money or chips be exchanged for legal tender.
  7. An equal amount of play money and/or chips shall be provided to all patrons upon entrance to the event. With SLGA approval, additional play money and/or chips can be given out or sold after the initial entrance to the event. The licensee must provide a chip and cash management plan to ensure integrity.
  8. The rules of the game for blackjack and wheel of fortune set out in these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  9. Prizes shall consist of merchandise only and shall not exceed $5,000 in total retail value (whether purchased or donated). Individual prizes per player shall not exceed $2,000 retail prize value. An entry into an on-line gaming event shall not be offered as a prize. Cash shall not be offered as a prize.
  10. Prize distribution may be determined by either:
    a) An auction may be held and the accumulated winnings used to bid on merchandise prizes; or
    b) Entries may be purchased using the play

Monte Carlo Terms and Conditions.