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General Information

Commercial Liquor Licensing

SLGA's Liquor Licensing Branch processes liquor permit applications for all commercial type facilities including restaurants, taverns, manufacturers, U-brew/U-vin and special use facilities (private clubs, sporting outlets, exhibitions, etc.). The Branch processes special requests from permit holders including amendments to liquor permits, extension of permitted areas and changes to the physical layouts of outlets. The Branch also provides information regarding legislation, regulations and policy respecting the operations of liquor outlets throughout the province.

SLGA no longer issues capacity certificates for permitted establishments.  As building capacity is regulated under the National Fire Code of Canada, you may want to contact your local fire or building inspector to determine the capacity of your premises.

In this section, the eligibility and requirements for:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Tavern
  3. Special Use Permit
  4. Manufacturer Permit
  5. U-Brew/U-Vin Operation Permit
  6. Statutory Declaration Forms

Eligibility and Requirements: 

1. Restaurant

An applicant may be eligible for a Restaurant Permit where the primary purpose of the establishment is the preparation and sale of food for consumption on the premises. A ratio of one dollar of food sales for each dollar of beverage alcohol sales (calculated on a monthly basis) must be maintained.

A menu of Full Course Meals must be available in the restaurant area at all times, but adjacent areas such as a lounge or patio may provide Light Meals.

A Restaurant Permit holder may open the restaurant establishment every day for beverage alcohol service between the maximum regulated hours, and may remain open for food service only after lawful beverage alcohol service and the cut-off period cease.

2. Tavern

An applicant may be eligible for a Tavern Permit where the primary purpose of the business is the sale of beverage alcohol. Under The Alcohol Control Regulations, 2016, there are two types of liquor-primary establishments: Taverns and Tavern Brew Pubs.

A variety of Light Meals must be available at all times in a tavern establishment. If authorized for family dining, Full Course Meals must be available.

A Tavern Permit holder may open the tavern establishment every day for beverage alcohol service between the Maximum Regulated Hours. The establishment must close to customers after lawful beverage alcohol service and the cut-off period cease. 

3. Special Use Permit

An applicant may be eligible for a Special Use Permit where the establishment does not focus on food or beverage alcohol service, but has a "special use" that is specified in The Alcohol Control Regulations, 2016 – such as facilities for recreational, sport, social, entertainment activities, or delivery of beverage alcohol to private homes.

Establishments that qualify for a Special Use Permit: 

  • Bingo Halls  
  • Casinos  
  • Catering (no restaurant or tavern premises)  
  • Cooking Class Premises where students prepare and consume meals on-site  
  • Home Delivery  
  • Military Messes  
  • Northern Camps where dining and lodging are provided  
  • Premises in a university or post-secondary educational institution  
  • Premises in an Airport  
  • Premises where Fairs or Exhibitions are held  
  • Private Clubs  
  • Public transportation (i.e. railway car, limousine, Airplane, bus, vessel or other)  
  • Salon or Spa  
  • Special Care Facilities  
  • Sports Facilities (i.e. golf club, billiard hall and curling club)  
  • Sports Stadiums  
  • Theatre or Concert Premises  
  • A variety of light meals must be available at all times in most Special Use establishments, excluding theatres, concert premises, public transportation, and home delivery permittees.  Salons and spas are required to provide pre-packaged snacks only. Cooking class premises may serve liquor only during cooking classes and consumption of meals prepared by the students. Catering companies may provide liquor service to an event only if that company is also providing meal service for the event.

    Hours for Special Use Permits are restricted as stated on each permit.  In no case may a permit holder sell or serve beverage alcohol outside of the Maximum Regulated Hours.  Special Use Home Delivery Permit holders may continue to take and deliver orders during the Tolerance Period.

    4. Manufacturer Permit

    An applicant may be eligible for a Manufacturer Permit where the primary purpose of an establishment is the manufacture of beverage alcohol.  This includes a Tavern Brew Pub establishment where the primary purpose is a combination of selling beverage alcohol and manufacturing beer.

    A holder of a manufacturer permit may:

    • manufacture beverage alcohol in a manufacturing facility located in Saskatchewan;
    • sell and deliver its manufactured product to the Authority, the sole legal supplier of beverage alcohol in Saskatchewan
    • export its manufactured product as authorized by the Authority;

    5. U-Brew/U-Vin Operation Permit

    An applicant may be eligible for a U-Brew/U-Vin Operation permit where a business provides goods, facilities and services to persons manufacturing within the facility beer, wine, cider or coolers for personal consumption or consumption by others at no charge in a private place.

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    6. Statutory Declaration Forms

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