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Sale Permit

A Sale Special Occasion Permit is required for functions where there is a direct or indirect charge for beverage alcohol, and/or where the event is open to the public.  Typically, Sale permits are used for charitable fundraisers, social functions, community events, and business events.

Events that are open to the public or publicly advertised are considered Sale events even if there is no charge for the alcohol being served. 

In this section:

  1. Eligibility
  2. How To Apply
  3. Additional Requirements
  4. Minors
  5. Additional Information


Sale permits are available to bona fide organizations such as organizing committees, service clubs, sport groups, and community service groups.  Temporary organizations set up to fundraise for specific disaster relief or community needs may also qualify for Sale permits.  

Businesses may obtain a maximum of six Sale permits per calendar year. The permits cannot be used for regular business operations. 

Individuals may obtain a maximum of one Sale permit per calendar year. The permit can only be for a private, invitation-only family function.

An applicant that doesn’t fit the above criteria or limits may still be able to obtain a Sale Special Occasion Permit if the liquor is sold and served by an SLGA licensed commercial liquor permittee has a catering permit or catering endorsement.  A list of commercial liquor permittees providing alcohol catering can be obtained by emailing SLGA

How To Apply

The best way to get your Special Occasion Permit is to apply online. All alcohol served at your event must be purchased from a Saskatchewan liquor retailer or a Saskatchewan craft alcohol manufacturer. Homemade beer and wine, including product made at licensed U-brew/U-vin facilities, can be served at no charge at family events. All receipts for purchased alcohol must be onsite at the event in order to make the permit valid. Organizers should apply a minimum of 10 days in advance of the event.

Additional Requirements

Any event that is taking place in an outdoor enclosed area, in a temporary structure, or in an open-air permanent structure is considered an outdoor event and has the following additional requirements:

  • A detailed site plan (including measurements) of the proposed event area is required and must include information about the enclosure, entrances, exits, washroom location(s) and the area(s) where beverage alcohol is to be served and consumed. 
  • Written approval from the appropriate governing authority is required before a Special Occasion Permit can be approved for an outdoor event. In most cases, this approval can be obtained by the applicant from the municipality or band office. 


Typically, minors may not attend Sale permitted events. However, if requested by the event host, SLGA may endorse the permit to authorize minors to attend as non-drinking guests or event staff in the company of their parent, legal guardian, or spouse of legal age. The decision whether to issue a minors endorsement is made on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the event.

If a minors endorsement is approved for a Sale permitted event, minors can attend without parental accompaniment only to provide emergency maintenance services or professional entertainment.  If attending in this capacity, the minor must leave the premises when not providing the service, including during breaks. 

Minors may not attend a liquor permitted event in any capacity if the event offers adult entertainment involving minimal clothing, pole dancing, burlesque, or similar performances.

Minors cannot purchase or consume alcohol, nor act in any way in the sale or service of beverage alcohol, including selling drink tickets, serving beverage alcohol, or collecting used drink containers. 

Additional Information

 A supply of food must be available to patrons during the permitted event. . Light meals (e.g., appetizers, cheese/vegetable trays) and/or pre-packaged snacks (e.g., potato chips, peanuts) would be considered sufficient for event guests. Ideally, this food would be available throughout the event, but the event host may also choose to provide food at a specific time. 
Non-alcoholic beverages must be available at all times during the permitted event.  

Sale permits are valid for a maximum of 12 hours and drink prices are set by the permittee.

If you’re planning an event for more than 500 people, additional conditions may apply to your permit to ensure the safety of everyone involved. SLGA can meet with your volunteer group to discuss security, admission of minors, liability and other issues that may arise at your event. 

SLGA can also coordinate workshops for volunteers working as servers and/or the security personnel overseeing the event. Please contact SLGA at 1-800-667-7565 or email for more information.