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Responsible Gambling

If I think I, or someone I know has a gambling problem, what should I do?

Saskatchewan Health co-ordinates treatment, prevention and education services for problem gambling in co-operation with regional health authorities, community-based organizations, gaming industry representatives and community stakeholders. A range of programs, services and strategies focus on intervention and treatments services, prevention, and public information. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. The Problem Gambling Help Line provides professional counseling as well as confidential referral and information services. Call toll-free at 1-800-306-6789 or visit the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline.

Problem Gambling Prevention and Treatment Initiatives

As part of a multi-agency commitment to increase funding for problem gambling prevention and treatment initiatives in this province, SLGA has committed to help fund various problem gambling activities, including operation of the toll-free problem gambling help line, an ongoing media awareness campaign.

Problem Gambling Helpline

Problem Gambling Help Line – 1-800-306-6789, or visit Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline online.

Through funding provided by SLGA and oversight by the Ministry of Health, the Problem Gambling Help Line provides 24-hour help to people with gambling problems and their families. Callers receive confidential, professional service from trained counsellors, free of charge. The help line provides:

  • information;

  • short-term counselling;

  • crisis intervention services; and

  • referrals to regional health authority problem gambling counsellors and self-help groups.

For more information, download the Problem Gambling Helpline Fact Sheet.

Gambling Responsibly: Informed Decisions

SLGA's Gambling Responsibly brochure provides information to help VLT players make informed decisions about their play. The brochure provides an overview on house advantage, randomness, responsible gaming features on VLT machines and discusses some gambling myths and facts.

Playing Video Lottery Terminals

Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling

SLGA was a founding member of the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling (CPRG) when it was established in 2004.  The CPRG is a collaboration of non-profit organizations, gaming providers, research centres and regulators working to find and promote effective ways of reducing the risk of problem gambling.  

For more information visit the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling

Gambling Myths Campaign

SLGA provides funding to the Ministry of Health in support of a province-wide gambling myths media campaign.  The campaign’s objective is to correct faulty beliefs related to how gambling works and educate gamblers about commonly held myths that can contribute to individuals developing gambling-related problems.  These myth busting posters have been featured on bus shelters, bus interiors and various outdoor and indoor billboards. 

To learn more about gambling myths and facts visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

Responsible Gambling Features on Saskatchewan’s Video Lottery Terminal Network

Saskatchewan’s network of video lottery terminals (VLTs), players have access to information and tools that help support responsible gambling and informed decision making. Responsible gambling features include the pre-selection of a time limit of up to 60 minutes per gambling session.  Players can extend this time limit only once before an automatic cash-out occurs.  In addition, the “stop button” feature has been eliminated to remove the illusion that players have control over the outcome of the VLT. An additional voluntary responsible gaming tool is the Player Services Account which allows players to set time/spend limits, review their time/spend history, and learn how VLTs work.Every play on a VLT has a random outcome, meaning that no one can accurately predict what combinations or results will occur next.

Additional responsible gambling messaging on the VLTs that aims to educate gamblers on concepts such as randomness, the cost of play, and the importance of setting time and money limits.   Saskatchewan’s VLTs have retained their previous responsible gambling features including:

  • The permanent on-screen clock that is used to help increase gamblers’ awareness of time spent gambling,
  • The amount of money that is won or lost is displayed in dollars rather than credits to help inform players of the amount of money spent during a gambling session; and
  • Players will continue to be limited to a one-time bill insertion of $100, and a forced cash-out will occur once the balance reaches $1,750.
  • Responsible Gaming Features Poster

Responsible Gaming For VLT Site Operators

SLGA provides operators of video lottery terminal (VLT) sites throughout the province with mandatory training on the responsible operation of VLTs.  The training program is mandatory for at least one VLT site owner or manager, and expires after five years. The training program assists VLT site contractors to identify and dispel myths and misconceptions regarding gambling; understand concepts such as randomness and odds; understand random number generators and how VLTs operate; and to identify signs and methods of addressing problem gambling behaviour.