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Gaming Supplier Registration

Gaming Supplier Registration

SLGA’s Registration Program is responsible for registering all suppliers who provide both gaming and non-gaming products and services in the province of Saskatchewan. All person(s) who wish to act as a supplier must receive a Certificate of Registration from SLGA before they can do business in Saskatchewan.

Under the authority of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997 the Registration Program plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the gaming industry. Strict eligibility criteria have been established in order to ensure potential suppliers are of good character and capable of providing suitable and quality products.

Once registered as a supplier, your business must comply with all applicable Gaming Integrity Standards.

Supplier Registration Terms and Conditions.

SLGA is required under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to protect the confidentiality of the information in its possession and control, and to use the information only for the purpose for which it was collected. Click here for SLGA's Privacy Statement. 

Other Gaming Supplier Applications

Gaming and Non-Gaming Supplies and Services Application
Use this form to apply for a gaming and non-gaming certificate of registration. Renew your Registration

Gaming Supplier Employee Application
Use this form to apply for a gaming employee certificate of registration if you are employed by a registered gaming supplier and require access to a gaming floor, technical services area or other areas of a casino. Renew your Registration.

Key Person Application
Use this form if you are defined as a key person of a gaming supplier. Renew your Registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to register?

Any company that wishes to provide supplies and services to the gaming industry in Saskatchewan, regardless of whether they provide gaming or non-gaming supplies and services, must register with SLGA unless they qualify for an exemption.

SLGA exempts all providers of non-gaming supplies or services from registration except those supplying:

  • employees who work in the gaming area of a casino, or areas not normally open to the public, on an on-going basis without escort, such as cleaning or maintenance staff;
  • an influence on the layout or design of a casino, such as architects; or
  • financial services that are not otherwise regulated by the Government of Canada or the Government of Saskatchewan.

In addition, companies providing gaming supplies or services qualify for an exemption if:

  • the company's business is regulated by the Government of Saskatchewan or Canada or an agency of either of those governments and the regulating body carries out due diligence investigations that are satisfactory to SLGA; or
  • the company is the member of a professional organization established by law to regulate its members.

SLGA reserves the right to require registration of a company that is otherwise exempt if SLGA believes it is in the public interest to do so.

How does my business qualify to become a registered supplier?

To qualify for registration as a supplier, you must be of good character, be capable of providing quality and suitable products and demonstrate financial responsibility. When determining whether a business is qualified, SLGA considers the business itself, its key people and other businesses and individuals that have direct contact with the business applying for registration.

A business and/or its key people must be financially stable with a history of financial solvency; be capable of providing supplies and services and demonstrate a level of skill, experience, knowledge and ability necessary to deliver the supplies and services; be in compliance with provincial and federal tax laws; and, be of legal age to transact business in the gaming industry.

Supplier applications and Personal Disclosure forms must be completed and returned to SLGA. The supplier application will ask specific questions related to the business and the officers and directors of that business. You will need to submit personal and corporate financial information and other information describing your business.

Why does the supplier application require so much information?

The gaming industry is one of the most scrutinized businesses in North America, and gaming regulators such as SLGA are required by legislation to assess the honesty, integrity and financial soundness of suppliers wishing to do business in the Saskatchewan gaming industry. The questions asked are standard for gaming authorities in this industry.

Does SLGA investigate all businesses that apply?

Yes. The length of time needed to investigate a business will depend on the size of the business, the location of the offices, and the product and/or services offered and the number of its key people. An average investigation can take up to 90 days. SLGA will seek reimbursement of all reasonable costs it incurred in the investigation of the business and any of its key people.

What does it cost to register as a supplier?

Application fees are available here. However, in order to make registration affordable to small companies, SLGA has the discretion to waive the fee in situations where it is anticipated that the supplier will do less than $10,000 worth of business in a year. The requirement to pay subsequent fees (for the remaining years of a registration) will be assessed on an annual basis and dependent on the amount of business conducted by the supplier in the previous 12 months of registration.